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Sunday, April 22, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: Mr Wrong And The Rats (Time Will Reveal Short Stories) by Black Coffee

Mr Wrong And The Rats (Time Will Reveal Short Stories) by Black Coffee (FREE ONCE AGAIN!)

Have you ever met a person and from the onset, you knew there was something absolutely wrong with them? 

According to Ebony Brown’s first assessment of Raymond White, he was one such person. And his hood rat trustees, Shuntay, Sonya and Tina, she was convinced had the self esteem of a rice cake.

Truth is, some folks are ruined before they’re even old enough to take responsibility for themselves. So when they view their own lives as fucked up, they can’t find worth in the lives of others. 

That was Raymond White. Not only did his mother deem him a wasted birth but from an early age, he seemed determined to prove himself to be just that.

The self proclaimed, sweet Ray was always claiming something he wasn’t and would never be. And he was always going after something he could never have. By the time he was a teenager, his warped sense of worth, paired with advice from his less then stellar followers, convinced him that he was untouchable. He wanted Ebony from first sight but she wasn’t having it. So, he started plotting on how he could have her. Willingly or not. 

Raymond proves why arrogance and low self esteem combined, are a recipe for disaster. And that’s exactly what him, Shuntay, Sonya and Tina had shopped for, when they plotted an attack to ruin Miss Ebony “baby girl” Brown.

Ebony’s man was Anthony “Ajay” Jackson. The rats were infatuated highly with him and that made Raymond jealous and more determined that he should have Ajay’s girl. Though Ajay warned him not to go near her, Raymond decided to ignore those warnings. That set him on a deadly course. Raymond had harmed others in the past and gotten away with it. That made him think he was invincible. He went through with his mission to steal Ajay’s heaven. From that day on, he was living in his last days. 

Some warnings should be heeded and when someone tells you they aren’t interested in you, you would be wise to adhere to those wishes. But if you’re going to fuck with Ajay’s girl, then get casket sharp. For he and his crew’s every waking moment, will be spent trying to see your last moments.

Find out what happened with Raymond before Ebony’s attack, how the crew learned of Sweet Ray’s whereabouts and what finally happened to the rats.

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