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Friday, June 1, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: Redemption by H. M. Mann

Redemption by H. M. Mann

In 1983, 16-year-old football star Jeremiah "J" Poindexter was brutally murdered in the sleepy Virginia town of Snow. Some say the Klan did it. 

Others knew the truth, but they kept their secrets.

Sixteen years later, Snow residents begin dying under mysterious circumstances. Sheriff Miles Overton, haunted by J's unsolved murder and determined to do right by his J's mother, Callie, sifts through the old secrets, lies, and betrayals and concludes: "J's back." 

REDEMPTION is a multicultural crime mystery where retribution and redemption are often the same thing, and that sometimes you have to do wrong to make things right.

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