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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: Into The Vein: Revelation And Revealer by Kevin Allen -

Into The Vein: Revelation And Revealer by Kevin Allen 

Six people on different continents are haunted by a woman, kidnapped, and wake up in a desolate courtyard beneath an old Castle. Tyus Clark from America, Trisha Ulundi an African studying medicine in England, Jack Stewart an English born treasure hunter, Arianna Cruz a Mexican field hand, Minh Su Han a Chinese farmer, and Jason Nelson a business man who unwittingly gets thrown into the mix as punishment for refusing the woman. Now wide-awake; they find themselves immersed in a battle for survival against creatures of mythical proportions. They realize quickly that their lives will e forever transformed

But that's just the beginning of their woes. They begin to realize what they're up against when they receive their first visitor after waking; a winged Gargoyle-like creature named Romi, that Tyus, seems to know but is keeping a tight lip about. Using wits and each other, they converse with the beast while keeping it at arms length. Only to be pointed into a journey of constant danger and constant battles. They are unsure of anything, as all reality seems to have been replaced by Mythological creatures and happenings.

One thing is for sure however, they are not dreaming. They must make their way across a land filled with beings that are hostile to them. Each time they lay down someone must stay awake to keep watch. What's worse, there does not seem to be any human beings as far as the eye can see. The only thing certain is that they must fight to survive and find a way home to confront the redheaded woman that has entrapped them.

As strange as things seem; it all gets stranger still when they finally learn the secrets of the place they are sent. It gets even deeper when they learn that their being there is no accident but a design of fate. They begin to unlock secrets about themselves and each other, each having a past that is directly connected to what they are doing. They learn slowly, their whole lives have been a preparation for what is about to happen. They come to the conclusion that decisions will need to be made before going home; if in fact they can.

Finally they learn the secrets of the universe and their true purpose within the world they are now traveling in. They are given an ageless secret, the secret of the Universe itself; a secret that will determine the fate of the Earth and all life within her. They must fight their way home, each doing their part to make sure they reach home. Finally making a choice to do what is necessary in order to preserve the people of Earth. What starts out, as a kidnapping will end in an all out war to determine the fate of the Earth.


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