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Friday, November 23, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: The BE CAREFUL Series: Angelia Vernon Menchan

The BE CAREFUL Series: Angelia Vernon Menchan

The Be Careful Series by Angelia Vernon Menchan is compiled in one place.
Be Careful What You Ask For: Book One
Jay Returns: Be Careful Deuce: Book Two
Dennis and Alicia: Be Careful Trois: Book Three
What's Called Family: Be Careful Final Quartre?

This final book (I really hope not) in the Be Careful Series tied it all together! This book was different than the previous books in a good way. The first few paragraphs leave you in shock. This book deals with the fall out and drama after loss, issues of race and class and overcoming negativity through forgiveness.

Alicia and Dennis continue to find love and happiness through an unbearable loss. These two are the "poster couple" for real life couples to aspire too; their love inspires me! Agnes continues to prove that there will never be another woman out there more gangster than she is. She is laugh out loud hilarious when she is defending the people she loves. Janice is following in her grandmother's footstep which is not a bad thing. She learned at an early age to not allow people to walk all over her. She continues to hold her on in this story. Jay, well Jay sees his life flash before his eyes and realizes too late that he made mistakes that can never be undone.

This book underscored that you really have to forgive the people that hurt you in an effort to move on with your life. There is a line in the book where Alicia is forced to look back at the last year of her life and she says " all I can say is but God". This sums up all the drama so nicely.

My only criticism, I wish the story was longer. There is so much more story to tell. I hope the author is inspired to continue this series. I would love to hear more about Janice & Winston, Dennis & Alicia and of course, I want to know how Jay will fair in life. I am so happy I found this author's voice. It's been a breath of fresh air! 

This last installment of the story of Jay, Alicia,Dennis and family did not fail to deliver once again. There is just the right amount of love, pain, tragedy, regret, lessons learned, second chances and redemption packed into this drama filled family. I am a huge fan of forgiving but not forgetting in certain situations. And I love how that played out here. The two are not synonymous because it is often necessary to make sure that person who hurt you a certain way does not get that access back that can allow them to walk all over you the same. We should live and learn and grow. Sins have consequences, even when forgiven and this is the same of our relationship with God which is our prototype, so how much more our earthly relationships. The series was a page turner for me and true to life. And Angelia doesn't write about perfect people, just imperfect people saved by grace, forgiven and sanctified. 
Folake Taylor


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