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Friday, November 23, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: Old Wickedness by Ronald E Newton

Old Wickedness by Ronald E Newton 

Elder Desmond Lamont despite his internal demons is experiencing a loving relationship with his new wife. They moved in together in one home renting their separate houses. A package arrives at the local post office sent by the dead hand of an Ethiopia man. Cults and a wealthy Catholic man struggle and fight each other to possess it. The book is Nimrod’s legacy. A dark manual describing how Nimrod implemented religious power, captivated the public with his rituals, and worshipped as a living god.

Postmistress Kiruka Lamont accepts the package in the post office she will bring it to Desmond later at home. She will not sneak a peek inside the package. After dinner, they read the letter and the aged bound book in the old Ethiopian language Ga’ez. Kiruka’s friend Abby on a local HBCU college campus becomes a victim of assault. She must step up her game to support her husband by his helpmate.

From Greensboro, a sleepy college city in the Piedmont, to the Smokey Mountains around Asheville, a satanist, pagan mecca the battle line are drawn. Desmond and his friends will battle a Croatian mercenary, a cult society called Black Madonna, and a wealth Catholic zealot. When these adversaries deal death, Abby’s kidnapping makes her an exchange pawn for the book. Will Lamont’s friends rescue her in time from the fate of a temple virgin?

Desmond, a former Special Forces major, and Banu, the master of arms of the Black Madonna society, meet in physical combat to decide victory. More than life is at risk. The elder still fights his internal demons. His father’s suicide witnessed while a boy. His mother’s rejection of him and his father ended the only family Desmond knew. He does have a new wife his first serious relationship. Will the young couple survive or old wounds festering wounds poison them?

As a black man, I have an interest in the history after the biblical flood that Noah survived. From Noah’s son Ham through Cush “a mighty hunter”, king, and self-proclaimed god came into existence. Through Nimrod and his wife, Semiramus a new religion grew. The Babylonian Mysteries was that religion which infiltrated Christian and pagan religions.

From Ethiopia, a mysterious book passed from generation to generation surfaces. A rich man of the Catholic faith is hunting it. The bound book forwarded to Elder Desmond Lamont in North Carolina from a dying Ethiopian. Gifts from an Ethiopian friend of Desmond during his Special Forces stay in the country.

A society of the Black Madonnas attempts to obtain this book. Centuries old, the Black Madonna inhabits a few of the significant Catholic churches. The kidnapping of a female translator, Elder Lamont wife’s friend sucks Desmond in to investigate. The Elder and friends fight along with the FBI in protecting their friends and surviving the efforts evil sends their way.

Elder Lamont will travel from Greensboro to Asheville, North Carolina, a growing hub of pagan beliefs and cults, to fight back.

The elder still has his internal demons. His father’s suicides that he witnessed while a boy. His mother’s rejection of him and his father ended the only family he knew. He does have a new wife his first serious relationship. Will the young couple survive or old festering wounds poison them?


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