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Thursday, December 27, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: The Makeover by Vacirca Vaughn

The Makeover by Vacirca Vaughn

Phoenix Jean-Baptiste is a thirty-three-year-old Haitian-American psychologist. In spite of her ability to assist others with their life struggles, she is unable to help herself through crippling low self-esteem and depression. Phoenix’s misery stems from the belief that she is too ugly to ever be loved. She is, after all, sixty pounds overweight, suffering from adult acne, and a poor dresser. As far as she is concerned, her misshapen body, damaged dark skin, and awkwardness are the reason her life is a mess. Why else would her fiancĂ© cheat on her two months before their wedding, telling her that he only proposed because she financially supported him for two years? 

After a two-week drinking binge that nearly ends in her suicide, Phoenix desperately, cries out to God. Phoenix, a backslidden Christian, doesn't understand that there is a spiritual battle going on between God and Satan for her soul. God hears Phoenix’s cry and sends her the help she requests in the form of Paulo Elias. 

Paulo is a kind, handsome, Brazilian man, who talks about God like he’s an old friend. Paulo lives for Christ, is an anointed prayer warrior, who serves on his church’s Intercessory Prayer Ministry. God lays it on Paulo’s heart to begin praying for Phoenix long before they officially meet. After meeting Phoenix, Paulo ministers to Phoenix about salvation through Jesus Christ, while offering kindness. He also offers to use his skills as a certified personal trainer to help Phoenix lose weight. All Phoenix has ever wanted was to become beautiful so she could find love. While Phoenix undergoes a makeover of the body, Paulo tries to minister to her about receiving a makeover of the soul.

Paulo, in the course of being used by God to help Phoenix, falls in love with her. God reveals to Paulo that Phoenix is meant to become his wife. As Phoenix becomes more beautiful on the outside, she becomes bitter, arrogant, and self-absorbed on the inside. She wants revenge against her ex-fiancĂ©, Cedric. She desires to become beautiful so she can win back her ex and break his heart. 

Can Phoenix let go of the past in order to move ahead with Paulo? Can Paulo help Phoenix receive the true makeover God has for her through Jesus Christ? Will God win this spiritual battle and bring forth His will in the lives of Paulo and Phoenix?

The Makeover is a novel that brings forth a message of hope to readers. This novel testifies to the awesome love of God that everyone can have through Jesus Christ. Most of all, it will remind readers that even as man may focus on one’s outer appearance, God is truly concerned with our hearts.


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