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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Paint by H. M. Mann

The tin-roofed farmhouse off County Road 43 doesn’t whisper. It talks. It even fusses occasionally. At times, it contains a cacophony of Southern voices, at times a symphony. It is rarely quiet because it is a home ... and, it is haunted.

Most of the houses and homes, farms and fields, and barns and businesses of Snow, Virginia (population 362), are haunted, but only one man can see and hear them: house painter Jacob Beauford. The foggy day Jacob tries to match paint to old photographs and a faulty memory in Widow Sparks’ sitting room, his entire world changes because Jacob becomes part of a world he didn’t know existed--the world of the shades. 

And they are more than happy to talk to and appear for him, scaring the bejeesus of Jacob Beauford, house painter for the dead. 

PAINT is a multicultural ghost story where the walls not only have ears--they have eyes, hands, lips, and bodies.

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