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Friday, December 28, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: Poetic Illusion by EK Ellis

Poetic Illusion by EK Ellis

After nearly twenty-five years, the Harrington's were finding revelations about their marriage and themselves. Questioning their comment to each other and accusing one another of being selfish. Demeaning the character of the other with personal assignation, it's a War of the Roses. 

A little bit of something was better than a little bit of nothing. Yes the sex was beautiful; nights of passion rocked them harder than a 7.0 earthquake. Sex wasn't enough to compensate for the trouble in the marriage. It couldn't make up for the conflict in their lives. Being good in bed didn't take the place of respect. You couldn't bump and grind away the pain. You didn't confuse obsession with love. 

Ferrell and David Harrington both had careers they loved. He was a successful jazz musician and the proud owner of a music empire, something he'd worked hard to obtain. With his wife by his side he felt like he owned the world. Ferrell loved her man and stood by him every step of the way on his road to success. 

Sometimes a woman could lose her identity getting lost in her husband's. Ferrell needed her own individuality and respect from the man who claimed to love her body and soul. Working as a journalist, she'd made a name for herself. Like her husband she'd worked hard to get the recognition in her field. Now Ferrell was blessed with the chance to take her career further. She wanted to step outside her husband's shadow and prove there was more to her than being a wife and mother.

David assumed her work, was a passing infatuation. He believed his love was enough to make and keep her happy. She'd never questioned his love for his profession or the desire and determination to succeed at it. He didn't understand her need to go off chasing down danger. He couldn't conceive her love for what she did. He believed the only thing she needed in her life was him. 

Ferrell believed their love was strong despite the rough patch they were experiencing. She was certain their marriage was sacred and untainted. Secrets have a way of revealing themselves when lest expected.

Ferrell's world was turned into a kaleidoscope when the truth about an affair her husband's had come to light. But it doesn't' take the Harrington's long to learn what's good for the goose was also good for the gander.

In the aftermath it takes deep soul searching on both their parts; uncovering the roles played in the marriage, two wrongs definitely didn't make it right. Coming to terms with and accepting their shortcomings and faults, then each other's. Asking for and receiving forgiveness to do away with the Poetic Illusion in their marriage. In the end having a marriage stronger, built on a solid foundation of love, respect, forgiveness and communication.


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