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Sunday, December 2, 2012

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT: The Return, Out for Blood (My Nemesis) by Aija Butler

The Return, Out for Blood (My Nemesis) by Aija Butler

Someone is coming back to town and when he or she presents sparks will ignite. The mouths of many will drop and the games of trickery have just begun. Someone is bound to get burned, because the heat is on. This mystery, suspense, drama is chilling. “I’m back… and I am out for blood.” 

Marisola is hotter than lava. She is the soon to be wife and mother of Darrin’s child and is more than confused about Darrin’s attachment to Joy. With the death of Darrin and Joy’s daughter Marisola is shamefully relieved that her baby won’t have to share center stage with Darrin’s love child. She is more than eager to reveal to Joy that she is carrying his baby. 

Darrin however, is still very much in love with Joy and seeks comfort in her presence. Feeling guilty about abandoning her twelve years prior he is persistent in winning back her love. Darrin may be a good candidate for Joy to relinquish her sexual frustrations, but to her it would only make things worse. Especially since she is still convince that her husband and two boys are alive and awaiting her return. Dear old Darrin has never been one to take no for an answer, but as things heat up he may be the one simmering down. He is torn between Joy and Marisola, as he continues to doubt his ability’s to be faithful and a good father. 

Meanwhile, Sam is shameless in her attempts to settle the score. She will stop at nothing to collect on what she feels is rightfully hers. She can’t seem to sit down. Her nerves are shaky awaiting Charles’ insurance policy check to clear. She is dating the enemy, but only for his riches while his nose is wide open. When a familiar face returns to the busy streets of Oakland, Sam is hot on the trail, she can’t believe her eyes; but sticks to her gun’s in her vengeful plot. Sam has a score to settle, but so does the person returning. She’s not the only one out for blood. She too is hunting down those she feels are responsible for the death of her husband. She is far from coming to terms with her sister’s lapse in judgment. She sets her sights on her firm, while Joy has ventured to the quiet comforts of the forest to gather her thoughts, hopefully in beginning the steps towards healing.

Nadine takes a stand against both Sam and Darrin by telling them to kick rocks and leave Joy be. Darrin is caught lurking about Joy’s office building looking for her whereabouts. She hasn’t returned any of his phone calls or written correspondence. The whereabouts of Lillian are questioned, when unexplained occurrences start to effect the creditability of Joy’s business. Nadine smells a rat and advises Joy to come back to town, as she is sure Sam is behind it all. Nadine is looking to catch Sam in the act having witnessed her deviousness personally. She can’t wait to see Joy’s jaw drop as she unveils just how scandalous little Sam can be. Who Returns with a broken heart and lost soul, a line crossed and love turns into a smoldering hate? Who is Joy’s Nemesis?


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