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Monday, February 10, 2014

FREE KINDLE E-BOOK ALERT : Blood Money Bitchez : Myster Solomon

Dirty Diane showed no fear, she cared more about her brothers future in then getting her ass kicked. She been through worst shit, rape and left for dead, what could this bitch ass nigga do to her. She thought.
“Fuck that.” She was pumping herself up. Blood rushes to her brains and her alginling is running on high.
“Fuck you, ain’t nobody scared of you. I’m not picking up shit. Suck my dick you dirty hair muthafucka.” Dirty Diane said. Out of nowhere Jamican T-Bag’s big black aligators sking hand came down heavy on Dirty Diane’s face the loud smack echo throughout the park. Her body dropped to the ground. Bishop, Cheese and Mouse just stood there motionless wishing that Dirty Diane had kept her mouth shut.
“Bitch, what you mean suck your dick, ya have a pussy. What you want to be a man, you dike bitch. I will beat ya ass like a man.” Jamican T-Bag begun kicking Dirty Diane. DeWayne started crying and came to his sister aid and started hitting the Jamican with a fist of fury. Jamican T-Bag spent around and sock the 12 year old, who he gave weed to sale in the eye socket, he falls to his knees and bald like a little girl. Dirty Diane jumped to her feet and went straight to Bishop’s waistline, the young man she had taken out his eye, and how ironic, Jamican T-Bag did the same thing Bishop few years back, putting hands on DeWayne and Dirty Diane, instead of being armed with a sharp pencic she is armed with Bishop 38 revolver.
There was no fear in the Dreads eyes as Dirty Diane hand shook from being upset. The Jamican took it as fear.
“What ya gonna do with that. I’m gonna take that and shove it up your blood clud pussy.” He charged at her, wrong move Pop, Pop. Two shots stop him dead in his tracks. He froze. Pop, Pop. Two more shots sent him to the pavement. She stood over his body. Her adreadlein was off the radar. She wore eyes of a homicdic manic.
“You bitch ass nigga, you will put hands on me and my brother again. Suck my dick. Blood Money Bitches for life bitch…” Pop, Pop, click, click, click.
“I hate you, I hate you.” She begun to kick his lifeless body screaming and shouting. Dirty Diane was going insane. The weed dealers stood dumfounded.
“Ayo Dirty Diane, Dirty, it’s over he is dead you have to bounce before Five O comes.” Bishop said as he tried to pull her away from jamican T-Bags dead body..
“Give me this.” Bishop snatches the gun out of her hand.
“Run Dirty Diane Run. I will take care of the gun.” Bishop said.
Dirty Diane and her brother raced out the park with a body under her belt. Bishop took of few minutes later. He found a sewer, he wiped the murdered weapon clean and sent it down the sewer.
“Damn Dirty Diane is one crazy bitch.” He mumbles before heading back to Morton Street Projects.


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